Blog Post 4: Summary & Conclusion

To end in short, I will conclude my blog post by summarizing the overall analysis on two different yoga cultures that is separated by religion and sea. My comparative case study between the American perception of yoga and the significance of yoga in Hinduism. I decided to choose the topic of Yoga because of its continuous increase popularity in western culture. I compared them by covering the loving aurora teaching style in America to the “teacher-student” dynamic in Hinduism. From there, I  compared the various reasons as to “why” people in America practice yoga with the three types of yoga within Hinduism; Jnana, Bhakti, and Karma, all of which require a sense of morality. And lastly, I talked about the influences yoga has had on fashion in America compared to the Sutras and Mantras accompanied with yoga in Hinduism. I conducted my research analysis by using course material and other credible outside resources.

Growing up in an advanced capitalist society I have been subjective to the roles of media in which they have romanticized and horrified Eastern Societies for what they truly are, a coexisting diverse community. The process of researching and writing  my blog post throughout the semester has helped me build my own hypothesis on religion that has led me to believe that being illiterate towards the religious culture that surrounds our world, will forever be a bearer between ignorance and tolerance. One of the biggest dangers in identifying to a particular institution, such as Catholic or Mormon, is that it can both “unite and divide a culture, just language, race,and nationality”(Krissman Wk 11). I kept asking myself what it would be like if it were my religious practices that were being appropriated into a exercise and fashion. Not only that but the constant marginalization and generalization these common practitioners subside under.

In the end my overall goal is to share this knowledge and hope that my readers have learned something and can use this information to bring awareness to the world. As I have about the dangers of drawing certain aspects of a traditions can lead to cultural appropriation. We need to honor peoples self-identification and respect peoples cultural traditions.





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